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Successfully Deal with Probation Violation Cases

There are two main violations of probation in Glen Burnie, MD. Individuals commit technical violations by failing to comply with predetermined conditions, while new criminal violations occur when an offender is charged with committing a separate crime. Each probation violation requires a different legal approach. The Law Office of Peter S. O’Neill can help you address either and get you out of jail as soon as possible. If you suspect an imminent technical violation or get arrested for a new criminal law violation, call immediately for legal assistance.

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Technical Probation Violation Assistance

Persons on probation are at the mercy of powerful probation officers, who can initiate a violation of probation for any compliance issue. Such failures to comply can include showing up late to a meeting, failing to pay criminal restitution, changing addresses without notice, or failing to maintain contact, among others. Each violation of probation carries with it an increasingly stiff punishment. A first offense can result in up to 15 days in prison, while a second offense can lead to 30 days in prison, a third offense to 45 days in prison, and a fourth offense can force an offender to serve the full suspended time. If you are concerned that your probation officer will initiate a violation of probation, contact the Law Office of Peter S. O’Neill for proactive efforts to prevent your arrest.

Legal Aid for New Criminal Law Violations

If you are arrested on new charges while on probation, there is the potential to spend time in jail without bail. Typically, individuals facing a new criminal law violation of probation must go before the original sentencing judge. You may be held without bond unless you request a bail review. Mr. O’Neill will work to get you in front of the judge as soon as possible to set bail.

Solicit Legal Advice to Protect Your Rights

The Law Office of Peter S. O’Neill will assist you with evidentiary hearings for new criminal law violations and work with your probation officer to protect you against technical violations. Keeping you out of jail is the top priority, so Mr. O’Neill will utilize every legal resource available to maintain or restore your freedom. Call today to discuss your legal options regarding violations of probation.

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