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A Professional Criminal Attorney Who Will Work for You

The range of traffic violations in Maryland is vast, with punishments ranging from a small fine to a loss of driving privileges entirely. Do not let a traffic violation jeopardize your ability to run errands or get to and from work. Let the Law Office of Peter S. O’Neill successfully defend you against speeding tickets, citations for running a red light, texting while driving, or a host of other offenses outlined by the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). After a police officer pulls you over for a traffic violation, call the Law Office of Peter S. O’Neill for expert legal representation in court.

Police officer writing ticket

The Law Office of Peter S. O’Neill Can Represent You in Court

There are two types of traffic violations in Maryland, those for which you must appear in court and those that are simply payable. For serious offenses, a trial date will be immediately set. However, you have options for payable offenses. The Law Office of Peter S. O’Neill will help you understand the best course of action and determine whether to pay the fine, request a waiver hearing, or request a trial date. You must exercise any of these actions within 30 days of receiving your citation or risk a license suspension. If you go to trial, Mr. O’Neill will vigorously defend you against the charges in an attempt to convince the judge to dismiss the case or reach a finding of not guilty.

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Traffic violations in Glen Burnie, MD can vary drastically in severity. Some violations will force you to pay a fine while others could jeopardize your ability to drive legally. Furthermore, a rash of relatively insignificant citations can result in points on your license. If you accumulate eight points, the state of Maryland can suspend your driver’s license; if you amass 12 points, the state can revoke your license altogether. Do not give the MVA reason to believe you are an unfit driver. If you receive a ticket for a traffic violation, rely on the Law Office of Peter S. O’Neill to represent you in court and help you maintain your driving privileges. Call today for a case evaluation

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