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The Law Office of Peter S. O’Neill Defends Theft Cases

Persons charged with theft or robbery in Glen Burnie, MD face steep fines, extended jail sentences, and a derailed lifestyle. Laws pertaining to theft and robbery vary in severity, comprising misdemeanor and felony offenses. If you are charged with such an infraction, you should seek assistance from the Law Office of Peter S. O’Neill. Mr. O’Neill has successfully defended clients facing robbery, theft, and burglary charges, helping them maintain their freedom and restore normalcy to their lives.

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Understanding the Difference Between Theft and Robbery

Maryland law differentiates robbery and theft based on how an offender stole the property. Robbery charges result from someone taking property directly from another individual with a use of force. The general public may use robbery and burglary interchangeably, but legal statutes clearly distinguish them. A person commits robbery by using force, threat, or intimidation to take property from someone else. It may even include assault. Burglary, however, occurs when someone unlawfully enters another person’s dwelling with the intent to steal property.

Therefore, burglary is a crime against property, while robbery is a crime against a person.
Theft differs from robbery and burglary because it is much less personal. Examples of theft include embezzlement, shoplifting, and writing insufficient checks. Depending on the value of items taken, theft can be a felony or a misdemeanor.

Seek Legal Advice from the Law Office of Peter S. O’Neill

If you face charges of burglary or theft, seek legal advice from a professional firm with years of experience defending such cases. A face-to-face meeting to discuss the details of your arrest and the pending charges as well as a careful examination of the case – reviewing police reports, statements, and all available evidence – will help formulate a defense. The goal is to clear your name and successfully defend you against theft or robbery charges. Mr. O’Neill will represent you in court or handle negotiations with prosecutors to ensure the most favorable outcome possible. Contact the Law Office of Peter S. O’Neill in Glen Burnie, MD to discuss your theft or robbery case today.

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