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The Law Office of Peter S. O’Neill Handles Bail Hearings

If you are arrested in Glen Burnie, MD, you are entitled to appear before a judge within 24 hours. With the clock ticking, reach out to the Law Office of Peter S. O’Neill for representation at your bail hearing. The judge must make several determinations during bail review, including whether you are a flight risk and whether you represent danger to the community or the victim. Having representation from an experienced criminal defense lawyer will strengthen your chances of being released from jail as you await trial.

Lawyer Addressing the Jury

Understanding the Bail Hearing Process

During a bail review hearing, a judge’s responsibilities depend on the manner of an arrest. The Law Office of Peter S. O’Neill can help argue in your favor that there was no probable cause for the arrest. If there was a warrant for your arrest, the judge will clearly outline the charges as well as their maximum penalties. In these instances, you may still be eligible for pretrial release. Mr. O’Neill will attempt to make this a reality for you by highlighting the nature of the crime and your prior history. The Law Office of Peter S. O’Neill can also argue for reasonable pretrial release conditions if your release is dependent on such a stipulation.

Contact the Law Office of Peter S. O’Neill Immediately

There is not a lot of time to act before bail hearings. Though the process is fast, a seasoned legal expert can help achieve favorable outcomes that may include unconditional pretrial release. Do not arrive in court without representation. The Law Office of Peter S. O’Neill will work to secure your release and help prepare a defense against the charges you face. Call immediately for legal counsel at bail hearings.

Contact the Law Office of Peter S. O’Neill Today for a Free Consultation